Pasquale Freda scholarship


Donors can make contributions to your funds by mail or online as follows:

By Mail

Gifts & Records

Boston University

595 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 700

Boston, MA 02215

The checks should be made to Boston University and the memo should include the Fund Name: "Pasquale Freda Metamorphosis Endowment fund".

If a donor is new to BU, we require their address so we can provide a tax receipt.

Online Giving

Donations can be made online by clicking on the following URL:

Boston University: I'd like to give

1. Indicate the giving amount in the “I’d like to give” field

2. Click on the red button, “CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE A FUND”

3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select: “Other Fund”

4. In the box, enter the name of the fund to be supported: "PasqualeFreda Metamorphosis Endowment Fund". This the fund you are supporting.