Pasquale Freda scholarship
Students and Graduates

Antonella Vittoria Tanga

Graduated, in 2014, from High school, Liceo scientifico, in the town of Vallata province of Avellino.

After having successfully passed the entrance exam test, SAT, and the TOEFL Antonella was admitted to BU where currently is in enrolled in Sciences Classes and is projected to graduate in June 2018 in Aerospace Engineering.

She is spending the Summer of 2015 at BU taking classes and working on campus.

Ashley Cunningham

Descendant of immigrants from San Nicola Baronia, Avellino Italy, born and lives in Massachusetts.

Recipient of the Pasquale Freda scholarship in 2014 in the absence of qualifying students of San Nicola Baronia and vicinity towns. She hopes will class of 2017.

Angelo Archidiacono

Partecipa ai corsi di lingua CELOP 2001

Rocco Gesa

Master in Web marketing and E Commerce 2003 - 2004

At the present time he is successfully employed and lives in Germany

Nicola Ricci

Nicola Ricci - BU 2007-2001

Nicola Ricci was born and raised in Vallata a little town in the Irpinia region of Avellino.

On July 14, 2007, barely a week after facing the oral examination of maturity at the Liceo Scientifico Enrico Fermi in Vallata, Nicola moved to Boston, leaving behind everything he knew up till then and was aware of and to which he was deeply linked to, friends, life in the little town, being the only child the security of his parents, the comfort of living at home, and move far to a strange city, strange of culture and language. A total uprooting.

At BU he immediately began studying at the CELOP (English language school for foreign students at BU) to improve their English, then purely academic.

He passed the TOEFEL, a measure of English proficiency, and in January 2008 officially begins his university studies at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Boston University.

The next four years would be a series of personal satisfaction and new incentives to do better, BU gives him so much, in terms of academic and non: the 'cohesive environment and the diversity of races and cultures led him to open up to new friendships that over the years will prove to be valuable, strong and vital.

From February to July 2009, she spent a semester "abroad" at the university of Dresden in Germany, with a group of twenty students from Boston University. There he took four courses in the faculties of engineering and come into contact with a new culture and a new language.

Moreover, the academic environment at BU stimulates him to do more, and always at a pace much higher. He develops new passions and interest on higher professionals research.

During the summer of 2010, Nicola was chosen among several candidates, by a laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to work on a research project on systems (engineering) complexes. There he provided input throughout the summer.

In May 2011, Nicola graduated "Magna Cum Laude", first in his class, in Aerospace Engineering. An excellent result, which allowed him to stand out among his classmates.

Some months before, Nicola had already completed the application for admission for a Master programs at two institutes, Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT)

The academic merit acquired at BU, great vision and determination of the boy were recognized by both institutions, who have admitted to their programs. Nicola chose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was also offered a position as a researcher at the laboratory "SEAri" (Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative), which, in addition to a monthly salary, gives him a scholarship that covers the costs of the entire Master program for two years to follow.

Nicola began to take courses in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics in September 2011. He plans to finish the Masters in 2013.

He currently resides in Cambridge, not far from MIT.