Pasquale Freda scholarship

A 4-year Boston University scholarship that will change a life

Boston Massachusetts

May 19 2019 is an historic date.

Antonella Tanga, another student from the High School of Vallata, Avellino, graduated with a degree in engineering from the prestigious Boston University. Antonella’s academic costs were fully payed by the Pasquale Freda Boston University Metamorphosis Endowment Fund.

A new student will be admitted for the fall of 2020.

The flow of students from towns within the Baronia area of Avellino, south Italy, to Boston University BU continues.

The Pasquale Freda Boston University Scholarship Endowment Fund sponsors talented young people from the towns in the Baronia area, south of Italy, to a 4-year undergraduate studies program at one of the most prestigious and recognized universities in the world Boston University, BU.

A key objective of the scholarship is to provide a life changing experience for recipients that will translate into professional and human growth in a process the scholarship calls Metamorphosis.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Can you describe what this Metamorphosis consists of?

Our first graduate, Nicola Ricci, suggested the scholarship refer to this path as a Metamorphosis since that clearly reflects the transformation that takes place in the life of a student because of this scholarship.

No one better than Nicola Ricci, the scholarship’s first graduate, best exemplifies the impact of a degree from Boston University for a student who comes from an average family in a small town in southern Italy.
Today Nicola holds a management position in Manhattan with a major corporation; a position that would have been unattainable had the scholarship not provided the opportunity to widen his horizons beyond his home town and even his home country. Nicola’s education and professional work experience will provide unlimited opportunities in the future. His success is a true testament to the life changing experience the scholarship produces. You might say his life has undergone a real Metamorphosis.

Leaving town at a very young age, after High school graduation, the only place an applicant may have known his/her entire life, leaving all family and friends behind and moving to a new city in a different country, exposed to a new culture and language, surrounded by excellent students from all over the world will lead to a complete transformation of the applicant’s life, skills and knowledge. Of course, this does not mean abandoning the values ​​already acquired as a child but broadening those values with new ones.

The 4-year course provided by the scholarship produces not only an academic transformation but also transforms the young person's character that will launch the student towards an extraordinary future that would have been unattainable in other ways. A degree from BU will become the foundation for the student to reach his/her fullest potential in life and career. The personal growth will enrich the student’s whole life and the benefits will carry forward to his/her future generations.
This is true Metamorphosis.

Why study at BU is a key ingredient for the transformation?

BU offers nearly 300 major and minor areas of study and the highest calibre research opportunities. BU also has one of the largest populations of international students in the United States, making it one of the most vibrant campuses you’ll find. With the scholarship, you will spend four years in another country, in an international environment, in contact with different people and cultures as well as acquire an excellent education from Boston University. All of those factors will strengthen the student’s character and pave the way towards a rewarding and successful professional career anywhere in the world.

In Italy, despite graduating from the best universities, students still face post-graduate difficulties and uncertainties. Too often, many young, educated people end up in dead end zone, low-skill, underpaid jobs, and without any hope of breaking out of their predicament despite having completed a great education. A real waste for the students and unproductive for the community.

Many Italian graduates become desperate and demoralized with the lack of opportunities and empty promises so they flee abroad at a more advanced age but then face great difficulties with language, cultural assimilation, and insecurities due to lack of work experience.

Why Italian universities, which are equally prestigious, do not provide the same transformation?

Italy has excellent academic universities but cannot produce the same results as our scholarship offers because it is the path that makes the difference.

With the scholarship, you will spend four years in another country, in an international environment, in contact with different people and cultures as well as acquire an excellent education from Boston University.

All of those factors will strengthen the student’s character and pave the way towards a rewarding and successful professional career anywhere in the world in a way that could not be imagined by graduates of Italian universities.

This initiative has a very high cost. Is it worth the cost?

Investing in a Boston University degree is considerable. Despite the costs, the scholarship nonetheless covers all tuition and fees, the initial English classes cost to prepare the student to pass the Toefl test, room and board for 4 years.
The benefit of improving the lives of students from a poor region of southern Italy far outweighs the cost of the program.

Who will benefit from it?

There are few beneficiaries

1. The young man or woman who has the opportunity to enter a prestigious, international university. Knowledge is power. A degree from Boston University launch the student to a brighter future.

2. The parents who will see their son or daughter receive a 4-year education at one of the most prestigious university at zero cost since the scholarship pays for all tuitions including room and board and the initial English classes for the Toefl test.
However, the benefits for the family do not end here. Boston University students are among the most employable. In fact, within six months of graduation, 92% of students found employment, become independent from family financial support or a placement in a graduate program and fellowships.
A priceless comfort for any parent.

3. The community since even the most disadvantaged families can send their children to a privileged university on equal footing with students of wealthy families worldwide.

It is scientifically proved that if you want to improve a community, you have to do it with academic education and start with young people and as young as possible.

There is always a return ... what is your?

No return except the gratifying sense of altruism and solidarity.

I think each one of us has a duty to help create a better world than the one we found when we arrived.

It is a duty that I strongly feel.

An individual is not measured by what he has archived in life but in what he/she has done to build a better world for the next generations.

We have only one Life to live and it is right to aim at one's interests but still give value to everything that surrounds us otherwise our selfishness has no value.

What are the requirements for the application?

1. Be a resident of one of Baronia towns, Vallata, San Nicola, San Sossio, Carife, Castel Baronia, Vallesaccarda, Flumeri, Scampitella.

2. Graduate from the high school Enrico Fermi in Vallata.

3. Apply to BU for the admission and take the SAT test.

4. Have a clear vision to where you want to go with your life.

There are those who say that this project leads to young people to emigrate,
to abandon their native land.

The majority of students at prestigious universities, such as Boston University, are students from all over the world and from wealthy families, all looking to expand their horizons.

The world is much, much larger than our own small hometown. Expecting young people to remain in their native place is counterproductive not only for young people but for the future of the community. Of course, the recipients could graduate and return to their native land if professional opportunities existed but unfortunately opportunities are almost non-existent in the rural villages of Southern Italy. Each individual makes his/her own decision but ultimately those decisions are driven by available opportunities.

Southern Italy has been for centuries a land that forced entire families to emigrate as I can personally attest. For me it was a hard life starting at the bottom without an education nor working skills. However, the scope of this scholarship is to create opportunities for better life and to bring any students to his/her full potential.

Today, one of our recipient, Nicola Ricci, a native of Vallata, works in Manhattan and is the head of a department at a major corporation. He is not a typical emigrant from the past but one who has made a great leap forward of two or three generations. Two or three generations is the time it takes to a typical Italian immigrant of the past to send their children to such important university.

Another successful recipient is Rocco Gesa who, with only 2 years of E Commerce at Boston University lives today in Germany as an international entrepreneur. He is not the typical emigrant of the past but a business-man beyond the borders of his native town. An impressive jump forward of quality of life.

Finally, another recipient, Antonella Tanga, recently graduated, remains in the United States simply because she sees a better future there than what her homeland could offer. It is not an abandonment of her native land but a desire to transform her life for the better.

It is your plan to perpetuate this scholarship. If so how?

Yes… my plan is that this project will go on forever. The bridge that connects the Baronia to BU has been built, the road has been paved, in order to maintain the flow of students crossing it needs additional support.

Young generations do not need advice but examples. Examples are more incisive and lasting. My expectation is that recipients of this scholarship will pay it forward with future contributions to the scholarship fund as they achieve success in their professional careers so that the flow of recipients of the scholarship will continues, in addition it is hoped recipients will promote this project to, Foundations and Institutions, to small and large Corporations, to business people in Italy and in the USA and among the Italo–American descents.

The Metamorphosis project is a long-term project with clearly visible and well-defined results. Life is made up of projects, goals, dreams. Nothing comes without planning. Investment in young people is the image in the mirror of our future. Our identity will expands and contracts in proportion to our courage to plan for the next generations.

Please consider becoming a supporter. T

Together we can make the difference. Make a tax-deductible donation in honour of your ancestors who crossed the ocean in search of a better life. Make this project your yearly favorited tax-deductible charitable contributions. Your yearly donation, big or small, is an extraordinary contribution to build a better life. A gift that will last a lifetime of the recipient and will expand into his /her next generation. Your name will be added to the donor list, and all the future BU students will thank you forever. Witness the progress they make.

For a complete transparency, to eliminate, third party expenses, maintenance costs and to ensure that 100% of donations will go directly to the cause, I strongly suggest sending all donations, small or large, directly to Boston University at the following address:

Pasquale Freda Metamorphosis Endowment Fund

Boston University Development & Alumni Relations

595 Common Av., Suite 700W

Boston Mass. 02215 USA

Tel. 617 353-6347

Please make checks payable to Trustee of Boston University. Include a note the gift is for the benefit of the Pasquale Freda Metamorphosis Endowment Fund.

Boston University will release tax-deductible documents upon request.

Or contact Pasquale Freda. E mail: