Pasquale Freda scholarship


Pasquale Freda, a native of San Nicola Baronia (AV), Italy from the province of Avellino and US resident since 1998, provides high school graduates from the Irpinia area, Avellino, Italy a four-year scholarship to Boston University, Boston Massachusetts.

I decided to establish this scholarship in order to create an opportunity for young university graduates from San Nicola Baronia (AV), Italy and neighbouring towns  to further their educational studies with a graduate level education. My objective was to help graduates acquire the advanced education needed to obtain professional employment in an economy and environment where such opportunities are severely limited.

Scholarship Criteria

Many young people have had insurmountable obstacles in obtaining meaningful professional employment despite having successfully completed an undergraduate program at a university.

This lack of opportunity is not only demoralizing for the young graduates but it also reflects a failure of society when such talented human resources lie fallow. As a consequence, the young are not able to grow professionally and society fails to maximize its prosperity.

It is in essence a lose-lose situation for the graduate and society. 

Applicants must have successfully completed high school or technical school equivalency.

They must prove to be mature, responsible, intelligent, enthusiastic and interested to accelerate both personally and academically.


It is important that students interested in applying establish contact a year prior to graduation in order to have sufficient time to introduce the practice of admission, support the SAT test and obtain a visa to enter the United States.

Admission is solely at the discretion of BU upon evaluating the potential of the candidate based on the established criteria.

Boston University

The departure date for the US is typically the beginning of July. Upon arrival in Boston, University staff will assist the student in transitioning to the new environment and culture.

The next step is to register for Celop classes to perfect the English language for an approximate period of three months and by passing the end of the TOEFL test before the start of the academic courses in September.

- Expenses

The BU Pasquale Freda Scholarship agrees to pay all costs of admission to the University, four years of university studies and English course.

Given the substantial costs, the cost of room and board will be paid by the student.

If student cannot sustain these costs, the Freda Scholarship could also decide to cover the expense.

This excludes travel and medical insurance costs.

Nicola Ricci

The first recipient of this scholarship has been a student of the Valley, Nicola Ricci.

He completed his undergraduate studies in May 2011. During the celebratory graduation dinner, he personally thanked Pasquale Freda with a label that read: "To the person who has quietly and permanently changed the equations that govern the motion of my life" .